Human Rights Commission Issues Notice to Bengal Government Over Public Beating of Couple

The National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) issued notices on Monday to the West Bengal Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police, demanding a detailed report following the circulation of a video showing a brutal assault on a couple. The incident, which occurred in West Bengal’s Uttar Dinajpur district, has caused widespread outrage.

According to reports, the assault began when angry villagers, discussing allegations of a love affair between the couple in an open meeting, attacked the duo. The viral video depicts a man severely beating the couple while onlookers form a circle around them.

The commission ordered a detailed report on the status of the police investigation, the health condition of the victims, and any medical treatment they have received.

The NHRC demanded information on the steps the state government has taken or plans to take to prevent such incidents from recurring, particularly those involving politically protected individuals.

The NHRC directed its Director General (Investigation) to immediately form a team, led by an officer of at least Senior Superintendent of Police rank, to conduct an on-the-spot fact-finding inquiry and report back to the commission.

In issuing the notices, the commission remarked that the reported cruel and disgraceful act by the miscreants, carried out without any fear of the law, suggests that state authorities have not learned from past incidents or addressed the concerns raised by the human rights commission.

The Human Rights Commission has issued a formal notice to the Bengal government following the disturbing incident of a couple being publicly beaten. The panel has demanded an immediate and thorough investigation into the matter, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice. The commission’s notice highlights concerns over the apparent violation of the couple’s basic human rights and seeks a detailed report from the authorities on the actions taken against those responsible. The government has been urged to ensure such incidents do not recur, and to uphold the principles of human dignity and rights.

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